Analisis Limpasan Air Permukaan Kampus Universitas Hasanuddin Tamalanrea Makassar

Surface  runoff is part of the rain water that flows over the surface of the ground. Surface runoff at Hasanuddin University (Unhas) Tamalanrea interesting to study because the morphology of Unhas Tamalanrea consist of hil that very gently sloping. In this research performed topographic mapping to determine where the runoff flow of surface water on Campus Unhas Tamalanrea with the assumption that no water permeate into the ground. The research was conducted to determine the discharge of surface runoff based on topographic data from that. Topographic obtained five regions of the flow. The flow of the first region is to the western includes the Polytechnic area and the surrounding area. The flow of the second area is to the northern includes Ramsis and the surrounding area. The flow of the third and fourth area is to the southeast of Unhas’s lake. The flow of the fifth area is Student Activity Center (swimming pool and sorruonding that area). Discharge of surface runoff that happen in a year for each region is the first area is 996115,9 m3/thn, the second region is 906510,0 m3/thn, the third is 536017,0 m3/thn, the fourth is 985783,2 m3/thn and the fifth is 529918,3 m3/thn.

Ker words : surface runoff, topography, storm flow

Penulis : Nur Fadhilah (H22107010)/Geofisika UNHAS


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