Pemodelan Refraksi dan Difraksi Ombak Pada Pulau Kodingareng Keke

Kodingereng Keke island is one of coral islands formed in Spermonde archipelago which about 8.774 m2 in width and located 13,48 km in the west side of Makassar town. A research in Kodingereng Keke island is aimed to model wave refraction and diffraction in Kodingereng Keke island by using data in periods 2000-2010. Parameters used were mean wind and maximum wind as wave generator, coastline data, and bathimetric data as input data and obtaining of height and wave spreading pattern. Wave height surround Kodingereng Keke island in season west about 0,55-2,66 m with velocity wave propagtion about 0,05-0,42 m/s, and when transition season the averge of wave hight about 0,05 – 2,30 m from northwestward, with wave propagation velocity about 0,02 – 0,45 m/s, and wave height from east reach 0,20 – 0,45 m with wave propagation velocity 0,02 – 0,37 m/s.

Keywords : Kodingareng Keke island, refraction and difraction

Penulis : Hasna Bone (H22107020)/Geofisika UNHAS


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