Penentuan Posisi Hiposenter Gempa Mikro Lapangan Panasbumi Lahendong Menggunakan Metode Geiger

The research was conducted at a Lahendong geothermal field  to determine hypocenter  position of the microearthquake so we can identifying the permeable zone. Hypocenter determination conducted by using the Geiger method’s and 1D velocity model. Data that  used in this research is the arrival time of P and S waves that recorded at each station. The results showed that the position of hypocenter and epicenter of the earthquake as much as 224 which spread random and the position relatively beyond Lahendong geothermal field. Micro-earthquake epicenter position did not show a new pattern and do not follow the pattern of structure based on geological maps. This gives an indication there is no structure cracks formed in Lahendong geothermal field. This also shows that there is no possibility of a new permeability zones in this field.

Keyword :  Lahendong geothermal field, hypocenter, microearthquake, permeability zone, Geiger, structure.

Penulis : Basdar Purwansah BS (H22107018)/Geofisika UNHAS


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